New Orleans Downtown Irish Club

    Good news! It's quite simple to join the Downtown Irish Club! Just attend one of our general meetings and fill out an application for membership!

    We have several general meetings throughout the year. They are held the second Thursday of the month at various downtown establishments (usually in the Bywater) and typically offer complimentary food for members - and new members -  and are always good time with friends. 

    In addition to to our monthly meetings, we hold other events throughout the year as well. In the fall we have a "Stroll" - essentially a pub crawl - which takes place either in the French Quarter or Bywater. We have a "Christmas Ride" in December, whereupon we take a limo bus to various senior living facilities and spread Christmas cheer with gifts for the residents, caroling, and, of course, Santa! We also have a Christmas Party in December with great food and good Irish Club company. The lead up to St. Patrick's Day brings even more activities, with a block party featuring great vendors, music, food and drink, and a neighborhood "practice parade." Finally,we have a limo ride bar crawl through the French Quarter in our parade finery - ya' know, to break it in.... 

    Then the day arrives that everyone's been looking forward to since recovering from last years festivities: SAINT PATRICK'S DAY!  We are a walking parade (though we do have some floats) and it's quite a route, but we make plenty of stops at the Club's favorite bars and we wouldn't have it any other way. Why "float above" the party when you can be part of it - the CENTER of it?! It's truly an extraordinary experience and an absolute blast! 

    Come raise a pint with us at our next meeting! We look forward to marching with you!